Seniors Urgency Room

Durham Region's First Seniors Care Hub

Accepting New Patients!

The Seniors Urgency Room offers seniors an alternative to hospital emergency rooms, for non-life-threatening urgent health issues. Seniors will benefit from our Urgent Care Services complimented by Primary and Virtual Care with a pharmacy located on site. Wrap Around Care including Home Care referrals and connections to other seniors’ services and community supports is designed to ensure our patients return home safely.

Our clinic is a not-for-profit health care cooperative that is evolving into a “one stop” health care hub for seniors 55+.

Seniors and Emergency Department Visits

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DID YOU KNOW that almost 50% of all non-emergency room visits are made by seniors, many of whom have multiple chronic conditions in addition to the acute condition that brought them to the ED?

Ontario Emergency Departments (EDs) are frequently bogged down with patients whose needs are urgent but not life threatening. Comprehensive health assessments are not conducted, and so underlying conditions are not identified. If the patient returns home, it is often with no direction other than to “follow up with their Primary Care Physician”. Often, they are not able to manage their care needs any differently which can result in a cycle of repeated ED visits.

In addition, seniors typically wait long hours for treatment without even basic needs being met. This can result in rapid degeneration and exposure to deadly viruses in overcrowded EDs and hospital hallways. It can also lead to an unnecessary admission resulting in a lengthy hospital stay. Many patients do not return home but wait instead for eventual placement into long term care.

The Seniors Urgency Room was created to provide patients with focused care that assesses their immediate urgent situation but also considers what else has contributed to their visit to the clinic. Triage, assessment and treatment are rapid but also comprehensive. Patient follow up ensures that seniors are equipped to manage when they return home with referrals to services and supports to help them stay well in the community. Superior infection control protocols are in place.

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