Wrap Around Care

We want to help our patients return home safely and ensure that they are assisted to any additional services and supports they need to remain well in the community. Staff will check in with patients following an Urgent Care visit to confirm that patients are managing at home, that treatment is progressing (i.e. prescriptions delivered, home care in place) and connections are made to appropriate in-house and community programs and services. Updates to a patient’s primary care physician or referrals to our own primary care team will be made as will referrals to specialists as indicated.

Seniors have the option to subscribe to an enhanced care portal connecting all designated members in a patient’s Circle of Care, including family, diagnostics, pharmacy, home care, physicians and specialists and most importantly, the patient themselves. All participants will be able to contribute prescribed treatment and medications, information, test results, concerns, etc. into a centralized Electronic Medical Record accessible to physicians and clinic staff.

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